Victory look for new sort of Victory

Firstly to today’s news of Melbourne Victory announcing a new head-coach and football director. For those who haven’t heard, caretaker coach Mehmet Durakovic gets the job safety of a nice little contract.

Good news in Melbourne generally, in that they finally have a coach, but in all honesty I’m not sure what to expect from Durakovic on a full time basis. I’m a big fan of a new face, and I have to admit I wondered if we might be getting another typical A-League appointment, with maybe Dave Mitchell getting the job…how that guy keeps getting jobs is beyond me.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to see someone like Kosmina given another go, but my point is sometimes you only find a good coach by trying a few untested names. Look at some of the greats. Mourinho was a complete no-name when he took over the reigns at União de Leiria. Or what about Arsene Wenger moving from Nagoya Grampus to Arsenal? Quite a few people were scratching their heads in England at the time, but in the long run it looked a smart decision. Although admittedly lately it might be questioned.

As for Francis Awaratife and Paul Trimboli being given jobs at Victory and Roar respectively…for those who get their football news from either SBS or Fox Sports, brace yourself, if you haven’t already, for some truely childish reporting from both sides of the fence. The bickering between these two, especially by Robbie Slater & Craig Foster is getting rather tiresome. For Robbie’s slant on things check this one out, courtesy of Fox Sports.

For Foster, check out the endless stream of tweets coming from him. Obviously he saw Robbie’s video and was keen to talk about the importance of former players being excellent technical directors despite their lack of coaching experience. Maybe Fozzie wants the same from Sydney?

I really don’t know. Francis seems like a good bloke and all, and I have always felt sorry for him, often stuck on the same couch as some rather insufferable types at SBS. The same goes with Trimboli. Has there ever been a more cheerful media person?

Football directors and General Football Managers are confusing positions. Whenever I hear those titles, I think of Avram Grant being appointed at Portsmouth and again at Chelsea, and the disruption that caused. I’m yet to hear a clear job description as well as what they do on a day-to-day basis? The position often seems an excuse for a Club President to appoint a friend or former player to an easy well-paid job. I don’t think this is the case here though. Having said all this about Mehmet and Frannie, I wonder why even sack Gary Cole and Ernie Merrick? And again, what about Kevin Muscat? How I hate him, but if you tell me he isn’t the perfect man for Victory, I tell you to pull the brick out of your head. He is a young Ferguson in so many ways, with his media manipulation, his dirty tactics, and unbelievable desire to win. Barcelona are the problem these days, with every football club wanting some slim guy in a smart suit and black tie. There is no room for people who are balding and have a reputation for strong football. Coaching is trendy the same way footballers are. Hopefully we catch up soon, and realise that while Becks might have been a decent footballer and extremely marketable, there’s no point buying someone like Junichio Inamoto for his marketability if he can’t play.

Anyways onto the young Socceroos win against the Ivory Coast. Only saw the highlights so I won’t analyse it, rather leave it to the experts. But looked a pretty good game! You can see the highlights here, courtesy of SBS.


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I’m a journo who is currently retraining to become a High-School English teacher. I’ve worked previously worked for magazine companies; Kamdha Media and Express Publications, and made a decent couple of bucks while there. I’ve written about topics as diverse as politics, 4WDs, football, fashion, restaurant reviews and many more strange topics. However, my passion for writing is definitely in football and travel. I aim to use this blog to occasionally solve my itchy finger crisis where I just have to pound out a couple of words, and to hopefully republish some of my old work. Hope you enjoy my ramblings!
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