The Writers

Our writers know that here at The Diagonal Run all views and opinions expressed are solely their own. With this in mind, the blog is a platform for fans of the game to voice their views on what’s going on in the world of football.

The Founders

Gregory Calacouris

I’m a current Media and Communications student from Sydney, Australia. Football has always been a strong passion of mine and I’ve always wanted to create a place where everybody can offer their unique opinions of the game and I’m thrilled about setting up this blog and being able to voice my opinions.

I am lucky enough to currently be working in football. I am the Communications Officer at the Eastern Suburbs Football Association, the local FA here.

I am also an active referee with my work, so you’ll find I normally have something to say about the refereeing in most games. I find that most commentators don’t properly understand the rules and I hope to clarify the confusion they create.

I have been a Manchester United fan since I was a kid and have lost many, many hours of sleep to them. I also have been excited by and followed the still young A-League that has been developed in Australia and follow my hometown club, Sydney FC.

You can follow my own tweets at @gcalacouris or visit my personal blog.

Tori Foschini

I am a Media and Communications student, currently studying at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Football has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and I’ve always been one to voice my opinion on hot topics and issues surrounding the sport, which is what I’m looking for in this blog.

I am an active Manchester United supporter and have supported them since I was young, waking up at all hours of the early morning to watch their games in the English Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and the UEFA Champions League. I’m not going to hide where my loyalties lie, so don’t act surprised when you see a Manchester United themed post.

I’m also a bit of a transfer window tragic, always keeping up with the latest gossip and rumors happening in the world of football transfers. But not to worry, because while I might throw in the odd transfer story here and there, I won’t be filling the blog up with rumors and gossip because that’s just not what we’re about here!

I also have my own Twitter feed, which you can follow here: @tfoschini

The Contributors

Christopher Scarcella

Like Greg and Tori, I’m a Media and Communications student at UNSW and for me, football is not a sport, it’s a way of life. For me, it’s hard to get through a day without discussing the latest football news to anyone that will listen. I’m very excited to share the passion I have for the beautiful game on this blog.

As many people will know, I religiously support Chelsea Football Club and just before you start tearing me apart, I should tell you that I am a pre-Abramovich supporter. The attacking prowess of players like Gianfranco Zola and Roberto Di Matteo captured in the highlight reels of the Premier League wrap up shows from the late 90’s lured me to the Blues and I’ve supported them ever since.

With The Diagonal Run, I’m ready to bring some fresh perspective on football to the readers whilst discussing and dissecting the latest news coming in from the football world.

Skye McTavish

First and foremost, I’m an Arsenal supporting Melbourne Victory lover. In my spare time, I study Journalism (specifically Sport) at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I also have an avid interest in French football, in particular Olympique Lyon. If I’m not watching football, I’m talking about it. If I’m not with people who like football, I’m thinking about it. Every weekend I endeavor to watch every Premier League match quite often at the expense of my social life.

I’m quite interested in the social implications of football support, as well as the role that football clubs have played in major events in history. Closely looking at the political and social changes that football clubs have brought about makes me truly understand that it is much more than a game, and I hope that my writing reflects that.